Paul Walker: Cody Walker Pays Heartfelt Tribute

Paul Walker: Cody Walker Pays Heartfelt Tribute


Nearly a decade has passed since the untimely demise of Paul Walker at the age of 40 due to a tragic car accident. However, the memory of the beloved actor continues to be cherished, thanks to his brother Cody Walker, who has found a touching way to keep his legacy alive.

Honoring a Fallen Star

In a heartfelt gesture, Cody Walker and his wife Felicia have chosen to name their recently born son Paul Barrett (“Bear”) Walker, as reported by People magazine. This gesture serves as a poignant tribute to the late “Fast & Furious” icon.

A Meaningful Decision

Cody Walker shared his thoughts behind this decision, explaining that the timing felt right, as this November will mark a decade since his brother Paul’s passing. He revealed that the name “Paul” carries a legacy spanning four generations in their family. Despite outgrowing their father in height, Paul was affectionately known as “little Paul” or “Paul 4” within their family circle. For Cody, it was imperative to carry forward this name, ensuring its continuity and significance.

Seeking Confirmation

While the news has garnered attention, CNN has sought confirmation from representatives of Cody Walker to authenticate this touching tribute.

Tragic Loss and Family Bond

Paul Walker met his unfortunate end in late November 2013, during the production of “Furious 7.” Cody Walker, alongside their brother Caleb, stepped in as stand-ins for their late sibling, enabling the film’s completion after a necessary production hiatus. The tragic incident occurred when Paul Walker was a passenger in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, driven by a racing team partner. The car collided with a light pole, igniting a fire in a Santa Clarita office park, situated about 30 miles north of Hollywood.

A Next-Generation Connection

In another poignant connection to Paul Walker’s legacy, his daughter Meadow Walker Thornton-Allan played a cameo role in the latest installment of the franchise that catapulted her father to fame, titled “Fast X.”

Thornton-Allan shared her excitement on her verified Instagram page, reflecting on the profound significance of her involvement. She reminisced about growing up on the film sets, watching her father and the core “Fast” cast, including Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Meadow expressed her gratitude for being born into the “Fast” family and marveled at the fact that she now stands alongside the stars she had watched on the monitors since she was a child.

A Testament to Eternal Connections

Cody Walker’s decision to honor his late brother by naming his newborn son after him serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of familial bonds and the desire to keep the memory of loved ones alive. The legacy of Paul Walker, both on and off the screen, continues to touch hearts and inspire the next generation, as evidenced by the family’s unwavering dedication to preserving his memory.